Atenolol (Tenormin) is a beta-blocker made use of to deal with angina (upper body ache) and very high blood tension, and also to manage and prevent cardiac arrest. As soon as you started as it could worsen your problem, it's not recommended to quit taking this medicine all of a sudden. When being managed with Atenolol as drowsiness and lightheadedness could be increased, it's not suggested to consume liquor. It's essential to consider that Atenolol functions finest if integrated with a healthy and balanced diet plan and routine workout. Numerous people really need to take this medicine for the remainder of their life. In instance you have actually a planned surgery you could be required to quit taking this medicine for some time. Some usual adverse effects consist of sleeping disorders, exhaustion, reduced sex drive, or trouble having a climax.

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This medicine has actually been mentioned to influence your reaction and thinking. If you are not certain about your personal reaction to Atenolol, it is not recommended to get involved or steer a car in other possibly hazardous activities. Being sensitive to Tenormin, having such issues as diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, liver, misery or renal disease, thyroid disorder, reduced blood tension, heart problems and others could be contraindications. Atenolol is FDA maternity category D - you mustn't take this medicine if expecting or breastfeeding as serious wellness consequences for an infant are possible.

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